- combine unlimited files (exe, dll, jpg etc.) into a single standalone executable -

File Joiner is a tool that combines (binds) unlimited files (no matter their type) into a single standalone executable (a Container). The Container (the final bound file) is a simple compiled program that, when opened, will automatically launch the included files.

File Joiner can run any type of file from the bound file without affecting its direct functionality. For instance, if you bind an executable, a text file and an image file, when the Container file is run, the executable will be run too while the other files will be opened with the default image file viewer (IrfanView, Paint etc.) and text file viewer (Notepad, Wordpad etc.).

File Joiner features:

  • unlimited files can be bound (joined)
  • can bind any file type that is needed by the executable for a properly run
  • the joined files can be fully encrypted
  • the icon of the Host file (final bound file) can be changed either with one of the icons included in File Joiner or another one of your choice
  • small joiner "stub" size (~10 KB) - for instance, if you join a 100KB file with a 300KB file the size of the resulting bound file will be ~410KB
  • the joiner "stub" is undetected when scanned by most used antiviruses

  • File Joiner purposes:

  • to distribute your application as a single file (a compact package)
  • to hide files
  • to run more files from the same executable

  • File Joiner advantages:

  • simple to use
  • effective
  • fast
  • carefully coded to keep the "stub" size small
  • undetectable joiner "stub" when scanned with most used antiviruses (Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, Panda, AVG, Avast, TrendMicro)