File Joiner Purchase

How to buy File Joiner software?

"Please read carefully all steps that your order will be declined by our merchant if you disregard our advice."

1.Your name and your email "must" be "match". For example if your name is "John Doe", your email "must" be something like "johndoe...@yourmailservice". It is very important. If you want to buy via PayPal and your name and email is mismatch, you can add a matched email to your PayPal account.

2.Don't use suspicious and weird email.

3.Don't use proxy servers.

4.Don't use virtual Master/Visa cards. Only use Debit or Credit cards.

5.Provide real phone number. May be our merchant calls and asks about your order.

"If you want to purchase with E-Currencies, like "Bitcoin", "Perfect Money", "Web Money", please contact us and we'll send our account."